Paul is a Facilitator of change, who believes the mind can learn and grow beyond our own limited beliefs. He teaches us how to speak directly to the subconscious mind to take back control of thoughts, feelings and behavior. ​​Paul combines Motivational Hypnosis, NLP and Results Coaching to cultivate change in his clients. 


Learn to manage stress, eliminate anxiety

and over-come fears.

He shares the do’s and don’ts of his success as a sales professional for over 20 years. Paul also shares his life’s lessons on his journey of Self-Healing, Personal Development and Empowerment. Paul will educate and inspire you on to quickly and easily learn to manage stress, eliminate anxiety and over-come fears.


"I've had my own challenges to overcome including fear, stress, anxiety, false beliefs and lack of confidence”.  

What I've learned is our automatic programming can be rapidly redirected to change. Negative thoughts of fear, doubt and worry just get in your way and can shift instantly. You can reach your goals much faster and produce more results quicker.  Isn’t that what you want?

“Life is precious! I refuse to waste any more time, money or energy on thinking about “what isn’t instead of what is”.

Paul has a caring approach to helping people break through life's challenges and limited beliefs. He has a unique ability to connect with his clients and is dedicated to helping others. As a result, they become better at what they do and more accepting of who they are. ​


Over the past 25 years Paul has immersed himself in Personal Development, Empowerment Strategies, Sub Conscious Behavior, NLP and Hypnotherapy.  He has rewritten his own personal blueprint by using advanced techniques to retrain, reprogram and regenerate his subconscious mind.


Hire Paul to help you let go of past challenges holding you back and empower you to move forward.

Paul Peloso
Speaker and Facilitator
Certified Hypnotherapist
NLP Practitioner
Results Coach
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Clearly Communicating
Business Rapport
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"Change happens when it's time to learn and grow"

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