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  • Successfully Managing the Stress of Change

  • Communicate Clearly When in Times of Trouble

  • 5 Secrets of Sales Success to Produce More Results Quicker

  • Lead More with Excellent Rapport Inspire Change

  • The Difference that Makes the Difference in Performance

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Paul Peloso

Speaker and Facialitator 

Certified Hypnoterapist

 NLP Practitioner

 Results Coach

Paul is a Facilitator of change who believes the mind can expand and grow beyond limited beliefs. He shows us how to speak directly to the subconscious mind. ​​Paul combines Motivational Hypnosis, NLP, Results Coaching to cultivate change in his clients. 

He shares his success as a business owner and 20 - year career as a sales professional. Focusing on what works for each company, group and individual.  He will also share his life’s lessons on his journey of Self-Healing, Personal Development and Empowerment.

Paul’s focus is to help people manage stress, eliminate anxiety, over-come fears and empower their lives. Negative thoughts, fears and doubts can quickly be resolved. Your automatic programming can be redirected and refocused, so you can reach your goals much faster and produce more results quicker.

I love what I do, it is my passion to help people improve their lives,

 promote emotional healing and bring  joy to your world. - Paul Peloso


We use our World Class Hypnotherapy Training, NLP skills and Results Coaching to help our clients Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, Manage Stress and much more.  We offer Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Training and Individual Coaching and Hypnotherapy Sessions.

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